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В архиве две версии исполняемого файла с Quasic-2 system
и некое подобие манула в формате .pdf на английском языке.


Name: QUASIC-2 SYSTEM V2.2-1

Category: interactive compiler and execution environment

Required hardware: DEC PDP-11 or clone or simulator.
Console device and some media to start this software from.
FIS is needed for floating point operations.

OS: RT-11.

Applications: Interactive manual or simple algorithmic control
over custom equipment with PDP-11-based recourse-limited
CPU, data acquisition.

Author: UNKNOWN.  It would be nice to find out the origin of this software, source code and better manual or other
versions. Please mail to if you find some relevant material.
Source: Probably it was distributed in former USSR and Eastern Europe in mid 1980s for control of CAMAC based
equipment with PDP-11 clones. I've used it in 1986-88 but have only seen the executable module. I've found one old
5.25-inch diskette with this software and imported it in simulator. I've recreated the "manual" from my own experience
and some tests on simulator.